Regenerative endodontic procedures complement specialty practice in Conyers, GA

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At Conyers Endodontic Center, we are pleased to bring the latest technologies and knowledge of endodontic science to bear to the benefit of our general dental partners and patients. One exciting area of modern endodontics is presented by regenerative procedures in Conyers, GA. As a new and rapidly evolving area, regenerative endodontic treatments still have a lot of “unknowns.” Drs Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul, and Candace De Veaux encourage you to consider the information on this website, among other sources of clinical content, when making an informed decision about your options.

We are encouraged by the potential opportunities and what the future holds for regenerative therapies. The American Association of Endodontists feels the same. It has reportedly invested millions of dollars in multi-year grants to support clinical regeneration-related research.

Regenerative treatment explained

If ever there was a dental discipline well-positioned to take on regenerative dentistry, it would be endodontics. After all, we endodontists have made it our specialty to save teeth – and what could be more regenerative than that? Technically, regenerative developments in dentistry revolve around the concept of tissue engineering. The Mayo Clinic defines tissue engineering as those new approaches to repair, restore, or regenerate the function of tissues that are lost as the result of injuries, chronic medical conditions, or age-related changes.

In the endodontic world, we are referring to the restoration of damaged root canals to a healthy state. In doing so, endodontists facilitate the process of the continued development of the root as well as surrounding tissues; for instance, biologically based regenerative treatment of the inner part of the tooth could be applied to resolve necrotic permanent, yet immature, teeth. By intervening with regenerative endodontic therapy as the pulp is maturing, specialists like Drs Desir, St. Paul, and De Veaux support the root’s most healthy, natural state, as well as the health and development of other structures that make up the dental pulp and dentin “complex,” which functions as a unit.

So, these leading-edge treatments can physiologically replace damaged tooth structures – ranging from dentin and root structure and cells within that pulp-dentin complex. This presents a new way of looking at endodontic treatments. Instead of removing, cleaning, and freeing the pulp of infection, these procedures look to regenerate or revitalize necrotic pulp tissue. A vital tissue can then be formed within empty root canal spaces, restoring the “native” pulp’s lost functions.

As a specialty practice, Conyers Endodontic Center has the network and resources to remain on the leading edge of treatments that best replicate natural form and function. Your natural smile stays intact, looking, feeling, and “being” its healthy best. Call (470) 486-6025 to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists at the Conyers, GA office, serving Covington, Loganville, Lithonia, Snellville, and the greater ATL.