Conyers, GA specialists in saving teeth, dispel three common myths about root canals

Woman at dental office

You have come to the right place to dispel the myths about root canals in Conyers, GA. After all, who better to provide a heaping dose of reality than the endodontists specializing in this nonsurgical treatment (and related surgical treatments) to treat your inner tooth? Since few dental treatments are as plagued by misinformation as root canal therapy, Conyers Endodontic Center feels it is important to first talk about what this treatment is not. Your friendly and capable specialists serving Covington, Loganville, Lithonia, Snellville, and “everywhere in between,” Drs Rolin Desir, Alison St. Paul, and Candace De Veaux, are happy to clear up a few of the lingering misconceptions surrounding this common, proven, highly effective, and – yes – comfortable restorative treatment:

  • Root canal therapy does not hurt. Importantly, treatment relieves often intense pain associated with infections that penetrate the center of the tooth. It does not cause that pain. Additionally, as specialists, Conyers Endodontic Center accesses advanced technologies and tools that assure the most precision, pleasant, and gentle treatment. With the site precisely numbed, you will not feel anything as the tooth is treated. Afterward, lingering numbness and “puffy face” is avoided. Should you need a little “assistance,” Drs Desir, St. Paul, or De Veaux may discuss sedative options to help you relax in the treatment chair.
  • . In fact, especially when in the hands of our experienced specialists who focus only on these and related treatments, the process of resolving deep infection or damage with root canal therapy is a little more involved than treating cavities with a filling. Yet, few people compare the “worst” experiences to filling treatments (as in, “It was so bad – it was like getting a root canal!”). Again, we endodontists who know better than believe the source of this undeserved reputation that comes, partly, from the pain that is associated with the conditions the procedure resolves. Additionally, root canal treatment costs a fraction of tooth replacement with pricey dental implants.
  • . Way, way back in the early 1900s, the idea was floated that bacteria trapped in the microscopic tubules spanning the enamel to the pulp could leak out during root canal treatment, triggering just about any type of degenerative systemic condition that you can imagine – from heart and kidney disease to neurologic and GI conditions. Since then, the medical and scientific community have widely debunked the “focal infection theory,” and have criticized it for setting off an era of traumatic, unnecessary extractions. Rather, endodontists know the real danger is the oral condition that results in the need for treatment. These infections can spread to other parts of the body and systemically, a situation that requires immediate emergency care.

The truth is, the sooner you treat your tooth with root canal therapy, the happier, healthier, more comfortable, well-rested, and productive that you will be! Schedule an appointment with your specialists in saving teeth in Conyers, GA, today. Call Conyers Endodontic Center at (470) 486-6025.