Apicoectomy Treatment


Dr. Rolin Desir

What is an Apicoectomy?

An Apicoectomy is performed to remove inflamed gum tissue at the end of the root of a tooth. It's also known as a root-end resection, which works on the end or tip of your root, called the apex.

How does an Apicoectomy differ from  Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment addresses a tooth infection from the tooth's surface. The oral surgeon opens the tooth, removes the infected pulp from the root canal, and sterilizes the root canal before filling it with a substance called gutta-percha and sealing the tooth with a crown.

In contrast, an apicoectomy addresses a tooth infection from the very bottom of the tooth. The oral surgeon makes a hole in the gums' close tip, removes the root tip, and cleans it before filling it.

Why might a patient need an Apicoectomy?

Blocked root canal

Curved or narrow root canals

Small adjoining root branches

Failed root canal therapy

Continued infection

X-rays of your teeth and jaw will be taken

Local anesthetics are applied

The gum tissue near the infected tooth is opened, and the infected tissue is removed.

If necessary, the end of the root is removed, and the tip is refilled to seal it up.

Stitches will be placed to help the tissue and surrounding bone heal properly.

How is an Apicoectomy performed?

How can you ease your recovery from an Apicoectomy?

Although an apicoectomy will heal naturally without complications, you may experience post-operative swelling and discomfort during the early stage of recovery.

Get plenty of rest and use ice and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory or painkillers to ease your path to full recovery.

What patients say about us?

One of the best dental experiences I've ever had, and that's saying a lot! All staff was welcoming and friendly, office was clean and comfortable, and they really listened to my concerns.

The assistant did everything to calm my nerves, Dr. Desir was gentle and careful with his work, and I even received a follow up call next day to check for any after effects.

Would recommend this office without hesitation for your endodontic needs.

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